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Accelerated Chiropractic ONLY offers premium lines of nutritional supplements, ones of which are of the highest purity and offer the best nutritional support.  Sure there are cheaper supplements on the market but you must be careful when choosing which brands to buy.  If you don't understand what you read on the label, you may end up with a supplement that contains many artificial fillers and impurities which may not be so good for you.  Also, you may end up with a supplement that contains a form of the vitamin you need however, chemically it may be in a form that is not readily absorbed into the body and your body ends up flushing it out of the body.  In the end you may end up with nothing but expensive urine!  This is why at Accelerated Chiropractic, we only offer the best in nurtitional support.  Unlike a lot of supplement lines out there, the effectiveness of products in these two lines of supplements are heavily supported through scientific research and highly regulated.  There are so many good products out there it is very difficult to have everything in stock, therefore below is a link to our online stores.

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Nutrition Dynamics offers a great line of nutritional support including Metagenics ® .  To browse their selection of products, click "Register Now."  When asked for an account number, insert "112089" and you will be able to order supplements online.

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