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Intersegmental Traction

What do your teeth look like if you don't brush them? They get icky and gross feeling due to the plaque buildup next to the gums. Something similar can happen to the bones in your spine as well. Joints are designed to allow movement between two bones. When two bones are moving on each other adequately, their joint surfaces rub on each other, polishing each other (aka cleaning the surfaces as if you were brushing your teeth). When you get a subluxation, you may not even know you have one. A subluxation describes the state of a joint that is dysfunctional and is not allowing movement to occur. If these two joint surfaces are not polishing each other, the surfaces of the joints begin to get soft. Like plaque buildup, these soft areas of the joint surfaces are sites where joint degeneration occurs. Therefore, the longer you have a subluxation, the further the degeneration process has affected your spine.

Intersegmental traction is a therapeutic modality which utilizes rollers that come up under your back to produce motion at each individual joint segment allowing their joint surfaces to "polish" each other. It also creates a pumping action to the discs between the bones in your spine, resulting in a healthier disc. As an added perk, these rollers also vibrate which aids in muscle relaxation. As you lay on the table and get a treatment, you are able to watch videos on the television which educates you more on your condition. It is the doctor's philosophy that the patient who is properly educated on their condition, is the patient that gets better faster and stays better longer.

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