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Why Am I Feeling This Way

First of all – it isn’t one thing – it wasn’t one turn or twist that you made that was wrong – it isn’t because you picked up something too heavy. Forget that. This didn’t start the day the pain started. This has been building up over time as an accumulation of many events in your life that was hard on your structural system. In fact, it started with the trauma of childbirth. It continued with all the hundreds of falls and spills and accidents you experienced as a child and teenager.  Add the lifestyle that you have would be absolutely impossible to know the number of improper lifting and physical trauma events you have experienced over your adult years. That’s why I say it isn’t just one event that caused tissue damage - you have years of wear and tear throughout your whole body. So what do you do to your spine to offset this? What if you had never been to a dentist or brushed your teeth - NOTHING from childbirth till now - what kind of condition would your teeth be in?  Imagine having a car where the tires are never properly aligned or balanced. The tires would have accelerated wear and tear until one of the tires blew. Your body works a lot the same. Poor postural habits and bad lifting techniques over time result in accelerated wear and tear on your body and your body has no choice but to accumulate masses of scar tissue. Until that one day, your back blows out. That day is either here or is near. So, let me ask you this, how well do you feel you have managed this accumulation of wear and tear? How well do you feel you manage the accumulated wear and tear on your car? I bet your car still gets an oil change around every 3000 miles. If your car breaks down it is a nuisance or an inconvenience. If your back breaks down it can be life changing.

So what is the result of all this untreated activity and damage?  The result is your spine has spent years being pushed and pulled out of alignment by the events of your lifestyle - applying pressure to these discs and squeezing them closer together – causing less flexibility, irritation, swelling and pinching the nerves that flow out from those vertebrae. The medical term for this is called a subluxation. Your nerves are being pinched and prohibited from performing its normal function of communication to the rest of the body.  Your nerves run from the brain and communicates the brains commands to all organs and parts of the body – it is how the body knows how to function. Now if you have a pinched nerve, the body gets interfered messages from the brain – therefore, that body part does not function as good as it should. When those nerves are pinched it is the same type of effect that a water hose has when it gets pinched and the water flow is stopped. That is how the nerve flow is stopped and your body's communication is compromised, resulting in dis-ease!  In other words, the body’s functions are just not carried out with ease.  Would it surprise you if I told you, this all happens before pain even shows up?  Well it’s true!  So subluxations cause more than just back or neck pain – it can cause many other types of dis-ease as well. There are 4 phases of spinal degeneration resulting from wear and tear.  Just as other conditions that you are more familiar with like cancer - The longer you let this go – the more severe the stage and the more severe health problems become – so it is important to start treating and preventing any further stages of degeneration.

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