Come Expecting Miracles……Leave Telling Others!

“For two years it has been difficult to sit or stand for a long period of time due to tightness in my lower back and Plantar Fasciitis. Regular treatments have loosened my back and he was able to reduce scar tissue in my foot.” ~Kirsten Koch

“When Dr. Hamlin first opened his Chiropractic Clinic I came to him with chronic neck and shoulder pain from an injury that happened 34 years ago. This chronic pain has been a constant struggle but regular chiropractic care keeps my pain to a minimum. There would be no quality of life if I didn’t get the pain relief that chiropractic care gives me. Thanks Dr.Hamling.” ~Ann Kolden

“I was having hip pain that would sometimes go into my knee. I have tried other chiropractors and a massage therapist however relief did not work for long. This has been an issue for about a year and has been affecting my sleep, ability to ride in a car for extended time, and my ability to sit while at work. Dr. Hamling has really helped! I feel so much better. I have been skeptical about chiropractic care but not anymore! Dr. Hamling has me feeling “normal” again, and my sleep has improved! It’s great to not be in pain!” ~Deb Larsen

“I was having lower back pains, could not find a comfortable position standing, sitting, or laying down. This has been going of for several years, making it hard to sleep, and was fairly constant pain. Yes, chiropractic has definately helped. I can now sleep easier and do no longer have the pain I used to have. It actually made me feel younger than I have felt in years when I had the pain.” ~Chris Bullock

“I was having severe neck pain for several months and chronic back pain for several years. I hand not done anything about these issues prior to seeing Dr. Hamling. My back pain has been going on for several years and caused limitations to activities whenever it flared up. My neck pain has been going on for several months and was causing constant pain and inability to turn my neck. My neck pain has completely disappeared. My back pain still acts up occasionally, but whenever it does, Dr. Hamling does an excellent job of fixing it!” ~Sara Bullock

“I’ve had middle and low back pain due to poor lifting habits. I have also had issues with headaches, blurred vision, and a straight neck since a sports injury in my teen years. It has always been a challenge to maintain the proper curve. Dr. Hamling has been keeping my neck in proper alignment and amazingly enough, I have noticed a decrease in my blurred vision!” ~Evan Varga

“I was having neck and shoulder pain due to strain and injury at work. I was also having pain and trouble while walking in my left buttock. During the past 2 years, my right hand had been going to sleep every time I needed to grasp something. I have had the majority of these concerns for the past 2 weeks but the hands have been affecting me for the past 2 years. I couldn’t even play kickball with my grandson’s! Dr. Hamling has greatly helped decrease my pain and in only 3 weeks. The numbness in my hand is completely gone,, and I can work with much less pain!” ~Nancy Athey

“When I moved here from another city, I had high expectations when looking for a new Chiropractor. Dr. Hamling fulfilled every one of them. He is a very professional doctor while being exceptionally personable at the same time.” ~LW

“I have been a patient of Dr. Randy Hamling for over a year now. I find that he offers wonderful results in the treatments he administers, in not only a timely way, but in a way that doesn’t force your body to adjust too quickly causing more pain. He is also willing to go the extra mile to see that those results “stick” through area specific exercises/stretches, suggestions towards making healthier choices, and has on several occasions gone out of his way to “fit us in” at times that may not be so convenient for him or his schedule. I have also seen excellent results during the times he has treated my children during their various injuries due to sports as well as the minor muscle pulls, misalignments, and sprains due to the “clutzies” of growing up. I have recommended him to friends and family many times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. May God continue to bless him as he heals others and shows them the way to health and wellness.” ~JV